The Odyssey

Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey" takes readers on an extraordinary journey with Odysseus as he faces myriad challenges in his quest to return home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. This ancient tale of adventure, fraught with mythical creatures and divine interventions, delves deeply into themes of heroism, loyalty, and the resilience of the human spirit. The topic pack allows students to bring to life the significant episodes of Odysseus' voyage, providing a dynamic way to explore the complex character dynamics, intense conflicts, and rich atmospheric details of this cornerstone of classical literature. Apply the keyword #Odyssey to access all content from this pack in the Comic Maker, enhancing engagement with this timeless narrative.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wit & Wisdom (K-8) — Wit & Wisdom, Grade 6 Module 2.
  • Springboard ELA (6-12) — Springboard, Grade 8 Unit 1.
  • Study Sync ELA (6-12) — StudySync, Grade 9 Unit 2.
  • Into Literature (6-12) — Into Literature, Grade 9, Unit 6.