Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet" is an enthralling tale of survival and resilience, focusing on thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson who is thrust into the wilderness following a plane crash. Armed with only a hatchet and his wits, Brian's journey is a testament to human resourcefulness and the will to survive against all odds. This topic pack provides students with the tools to visually interpret the novel’s critical moments, facilitating a deeper understanding of its themes, character development, and Brian's transformation. Apply the keyword #Hatchet to show all content from this pack in the Comic Maker.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wit & Wisdom (K-8) — Wit & Wisdom in Sync, Grade 4 Module 2.
  • Study Sync ELA (6-12) — StudySync, Grade 6 Unit 1.
  • Into Literature (6-12)