Romeo and Juliet 2099

Experience the timeless tale of "Romeo and Juliet" reimagined in the distant future with our Romeo and Juliet 2099 topic pack. This innovative take propels the classic Shakespearean story into the galaxy, featuring cyborgs, laser swords, and a futuristic Romeo and Juliet that captivates students of all interests. This pack provides everything needed to summarize chapters, explore themes, and engage with the narrative in a modern context, ensuring a compelling blend of literature and science fiction. Apply the keyword #Romeo and Juliet 2099 to access all content from this pack in the Comic Maker.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Springboard ELA (6-12) — Springboard, Grade 9 Unit 2.
  • Study Sync ELA (6-12) — StudySync, Grade 9 Unit 4.
  • Into Literature (6-12)