Esperanza Rising

Discover the resilience and hope that define "Esperanza Rising," Pam Muñoz Ryan's poignant novel about a young Mexican girl's drastic shift from a life of privilege to one of labor and hardship following a family tragedy. This topic pack brings to life Esperanza's journey from her ranch in Mexico to the agricultural fields of California, offering students a rich palette to explore the story's key themes and elements. With characters and scenes that reflect Esperanza's challenging yet transformative experience, educators can guide students through her world, sparking discussions on resilience, hope, and the immigrant experience. Use the keyword #Esperanza Rising to access all resources from this pack in the Comic Maker, enhancing engagement with this moving narrative.

Curriculum Connections:

  • EL Education Language Arts Curriculum (Second Edition) (6-8) — EL Education, Grade 5 Module 1.
  • Into Reading (K-6)