Elementary School

Embark on a journey through the vibrant and formative world of elementary school, a crucial stage in educational development for students aged approximately 5 to 11. This topic pack is rich with backgrounds depicting various school settings, providing the perfect canvas to illustrate and discuss daily experiences within and around school grounds. From the classroom to the playground, students can create stories that capture the essence of school life, reflecting the learning, friendships, challenges, and triumphs that define these early years of education. Use the keyword elementary school to access all the content from this pack in the Comic Maker, encouraging storytelling that brings the school experience to life.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wonders 2020 (K-5) — Wonders 2020, Grade 1 Unit 1.
  • Wonders 2023 (K-5) — Wonders 2023, Grade 1 Unit 1.
  • EL Education Language Arts Curriculum (Second Edition) (6-8) — EL Education, Grade 2 Module 1.