Immerse yourself in the lush, vibrant world of the rainforest, an ecosystem unparalleled in its biodiversity, towering trees, and the warm, moist climate that nurtures an incredible array of life. This woodland topic pack invites you to explore the rich layers of the rainforest, home to over half the planet's species of flora and fauna. Featuring a selection of animals that embody the spirit of this diverse habitat — including a stealthy jaguar, a slithering boa constrictor, a colorful keel-billed toucan, an intelligent chimpanzee, a quirky monkey frog, and a formidable Brazilian wandering spider — this pack provides all you need to create engaging stories set in the heart of nature's most dynamic environment. Apply the keyword #rainforest to show all content from this pack in the Comic Maker.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wit & Wisdom (K-8) — Wit & Wisdom, Grade 4 Module 2.
  • Amplify CKLA (PK-5) — Amplify CKLA, Kindergarten Knowledge Domain 11.
  • Amplify CKLA (PK-5) — Amplify CKLA, Grade 2 Knowledge Domain 6.
  • Amplify CKLA (PK-5) — Amplify CKLA, Grade 3 Unit 11.
  • Wonders 2020 (K-5) — Wonders 2020, Grade 1 Unit 2.
  • Wonders 2023 (K-5) — Wonders 2023, Grade 1 Unit 2.
  • EL Education Language Arts Curriculum (Second Edition) (6-8) — EL Education, Grade 5 Module 2.