The Desert

Journey into the vast and arid expanse of the desert with this informative topic pack. Deserts, known for their extreme conditions and scarce water supply, offer a unique backdrop to explore a variety of significant topics, from the intricacies of weathering processes to the pressing issues of climate change. This pack provides a gateway for students to investigate and narrate the characteristics and challenges of desert environments, including the exploration of renowned desert landscapes around the world. Use the keyword desert to access all the resources from this pack in the Comic Maker, encouraging a deeper understanding of these harsh, yet fascinating, ecosystems.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wonders 2020 (K-5) — Wonders 2020, Grade 1 Unit 2.
  • Wonders 2023 (K-5) — Wonders 2023, Grade 1 Unit 2.
  • Wonders 2023 (K-5) — Wonders 2023, Grade 3 Unit 1.