Starship Voyage

Embark on an adventure across the stars with the Starship Voyage topic pack, your ticket to crafting immersive sci-fi narratives. Command your own space vessel and navigate through the cosmos, bringing to life tales of exploration and discovery. This pack is equipped with engaging mission-based backgrounds and a dedicated crew of characters, ready to follow your lead into the unknown. Whether it's charting new planets or facing cosmic challenges, you have everything you need to weave compelling stories of interstellar journeys. Apply the keyword #Starship Voyage to access all content from this pack in the Comic Maker.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wit & Wisdom (K-8) — Wit & Wisdom, Grade 3 Module 2.
  • Amplify CKLA (PK-5) — Amplify CKLA, Grade 1 Knowledge Domain 6.
  • Amplify CKLA (PK-5) — Amplify CKLA, Grade 3 Unit 7.