Bud, Not Buddy

Step into the world of "Bud, Not Buddy," a touching narrative set during the Great Depression, recognized with both the Newbery Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award. This story follows the journey of a young boy determined to find his father, capturing the resilience and hope that drive him forward. Through this topic pack, students can vividly recreate and summarize the key moments of the book, offering a dynamic way to engage with the story's themes and plot. Use the keyword #Bud, Not Buddy to access all content from this pack in the Comic Maker, allowing students to explore this significant historical period through the eyes of a relatable protagonist.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Wit & Wisdom (K-8) — Wit & Wisdom in Sync, Grade 6 Module 1.
  • Wonders 2020 (K-5) — Wonders 2020, Grade 5 Unit 5.
  • Wonders 2023 (K-5) — Wonders 2023, Grade 5 Unit 5.
  • Into Literature (6-12)